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AJA Holding


The Al Nabhan family has created their flagship investment company AJA Holding, aimed at investment and development of the Al Nabhan financial interests, naming it after the AJA Mountain in Hayel area in the Arab Peninsula. Spearheaded by the family, AJA Holding plays a dual role in developing existing financial enterprises within the group and creating new investment opportunities for the group. With a portfolio of various leading enterprises AJA Holding harnesses the local capabilities and envisions a global expansion. This dynamic step has only enhanced AJA Holding’s position as a diverse holding company


Under the successful leadership of Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Nabhan  and Dr. Nabhan Al Nabhan , AJA Holding has the privilege of knowing no boundaries. Drawing on their own wealth of experience and success in the diversified field of investment, banking, finance and engineering, they steer the AJA Holding Company towards a promising future


AJA Holding was established with one mission in mind which is to create an added value aspect into any of its investments as a continuous process, and to be specifically focused on bottom lines as the management is result oriented.

Our Team
Abdulaziz AL Nabhan, Chairman

Dr. Nabhan AL Nabhan, VC

Mr. AlNabhan was awarded a scholarship for college education from the Kuwaiti Government and graduated from the University of Southern California - USA in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial & System Engineering.  In 1994, he joined Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration - Boston and successfully completed and graduated the Executive Program for Management Development (PMD).

Dr. Nabhan I. Al Nabhan hold a B.S Arch. Eng.; an M.S. in Structural Eng. and a Ph. D. in Technology Strategic planning.
He also has vast experience in I.T., real estate development and Shariah Compliant investment and finance.
He is  is one of the main founders of TIGER (Tuhama Real Estate Group); a 250$ million company focusing on residential development in Kuwait;

Bader AL Nabhan, VP

Jihad Kharabat, CFO

Mr Bader AL Nabhan currently is the company VP

Mr. Jihad is our CFO

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